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Terms & Conditions of a Sale:

  1. On receipt of full payment for a sculpture, the sculpture is removed from the exhibition or the gallery for polishing and packing or crating.

  2. The quoted Export Price includes the following:

    1. South African freight agents charges

    2. Export packing

    3. Insurance

    4. Delivery to airport or harbour

    5. Freight charges are to the customer's closest international customs freight clearing airport or harbour. It should be clearly understood that a customer may live 5km or 100km from an airport or harbour. We are therefore only able to give a price to the nearest international customs freight clearing port of entry. We are not able to give cost at destination. Our export price does not include any costs at destination.

    6. Should the customer require delivery to their home or place of work a special quotation will have to be done by requesting the cost of this delivery from the clearing agent at destination.

  3. Sculpture weighing under 100kg (220lbs) will be sent by airfreight. It has been proven that this is less expensive than sending by sea. The major cost for sea freight is the packing and unpacking of the container and warehousing.

  4. Our export price does not include any VAT or GST

  5. Your sculpture is 100% insured against damage. Should there be any damage please advise us and we will inform the insurance company. They will require pictures of the damages so that arrangement can be made to repair or replace the sculpture.

  6. Please make sure the customs use the international clearing code 9703:00 as this is the code for "Original Works of Art in Stone". Because it is an art form and is original it normally carries a lesser duty (if any) and a much lower VAT or GST.

Pictures of packing and repairing sculptures.
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