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Art Creations Africa - The home of stone sculpture

Art Creations Africa has grown to become one of Africa's largest exporters of African Shona stone sculpture over the past 19 years. Promoting first, second, third generation, young and up coming stone sculptors from Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Mozambique, work on or near the Great Dyke from which the beautiful fine grained stone boulders are removed. The stones are known as springstone, opaline, verdite, serpentine and other amazing beautifully coloured stones.

Art Creations Africa buys all their stone sculptures from sculptors sculpting in Zimbabwe. The majority of the sculptors are Zimbabwean. All of our sculptures are displayed on the Internet and many can be viewed at various exhibitions throughout the world. Art Creations Africa holding art gallery is situated in Somerset West, Western Cape, near Cape Town, South Africa.

The art movement was known as "Shona Sculpture" in the beginning; however, it has matured into an art movement where sculptors from many countries are now working in Zimbabwe. The sculptures may follow many themes or forms; the themes can be African, realistic, metamorphic or spiritual. The new generation of artists' sculptures are mainly abstract and realistic. It should be remembered that sculpting in this manner means this form of art is the only movement left in the world where stone sculpture is created using only a hammer and chisel.

International and local exhibitions are regularly held at which at least 30 African stone sculptures are exhibited. These exhibitions can be found in leading 5 star hotels, guesthouses, wine estates and art galleries.

Barrie Schimper, the owner of Art Creations Africa, started in the stone world by collecting and polishing of semi-precious stone way back in 1964, and has been in the stone art sculpture business since 1990. Barrie has vast experience in exporting. Prior to dealing in sculpture, he ran an engineering/manufacturing and exporting business for an American company in South Africa and England.

The advantage of dealing with Art Creations Africa is that Barrie thoroughly checks all new stone sculptures on its arrival at the gallery in Somerset West. The sculpture polish is removed and checked for any flaws or defects. The sculptures are then re-polished and a hole is drilled into the base as an added safety feature for mounting. The sculpture's base is leveled so that it can also be free standing. All these processes are done prior to the stone sculpture being photographed and exhibited in various galleries, exhibitions and on the Internet.

When a Zimbabwean stone sculpture is sold it is re-polished and packed in a crate made to the sculpture's measurements at Art Creations Africa. The sculpture is now ready for freighting to its new home.

Art Creations Africa supports all of the sculptors working in and around Zimbabwe, whether they are Zimbabwean or from a neighboring country, through the sales and marketing of stone sculptures, using our network of exhibitions and the Internet. Our primary objective is to improve the lives and living standards of the sculptors and their immediate families, even extended family.

To see that which untrained, untaught sculptors achieve using only a piece of rough stone extracted from the great dyke, using only a hammer, chisel and a file ending up creating a masterpiece, through the use of ancient forgotten techniques, owners of a stone sculpture from Zimbabwe are the richer with either a stone abstract or torso or a creation of their mind in their procession to mention but a few.

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